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2. Extensive research and outreach

Using a suite of market-leading tools and our proprietary database, we develop a finely tuned list of candidates for your search. You’ll feel confident knowing that every associate on this target list will receive multiple impactful overtures on your behalf. We are often successful at recruiting associates who may not have been looking but were intrigued by our outreach and how the opportunity was presented. And our thoughtful approach leaves every candidate–even those who decide not to consider a move–with a positive impression of your firm. Additionally, we work with a large network of top associates who are not actively on the market but are open to hearing about unique opportunities. These candidates trust our market expertise and endorsement, leading to more successful introductions with our law firm clients.


Recruiting Associates

Kaitlyn Hunter | Washington, DC Legal Recruiter | Garrison

Kaitlyn Hunter

Erin Sears | Managing Director |Garrison Legal Recruiter

Erin Sears

Matt Schwartz | Partner | Washington, DC Legal Recruiter | Garrison

Matt Schwartz

Key Contacts:

Our Proven Approach

We are selective in the law firms we represent, meaning you can be assured of our dedication to and enthusiasm for your search. We take the time to understand the elements of your need beyond what is in a typical job posting. Our approach to recruiting associates has been finely honed over the past 35 years, and we know the important questions to ask at the outset. With this foundation, our process ensures that you will have the highest likelihood of attracting and recruiting the most on-point candidates.  

Kaitlyn Hunter

Erin Sears

Matt Schwartz

Key Contacts:

5. Negotiation support

We serve as skilled intermediaries on negotiation-related discussions. We take a thoughtful approach and ensure that candidates are realistic with their expectations and understand market norms. By entrusting these discussions to us, you reduce the risk of unanticipated tensions impacting the deal.

3. Presenting candidates

We only introduce candidates who fully meet your criteria. We meet with each candidate we present–either in-person or virtually–to learn more about them on multiple levels. Based on these meetings, we prepare a detailed cover letter answering questions far beyond what’s in their resume, including their practice breakdown, motivations to move, performance reviews, explanations for previous job changes, and other key information.

6. Counter-offer guidance

For top candidates, counter-offers are common. When a candidate gives notice, we have prepared them on what to expect. If they receive a counter-offer, we carefully guide them through a multi-factor decision-making matrix, and we advise them on how to handle the most common strategies firms use to convince departing associates to stay. This ensures they are not caught off-guard and are less susceptible to making a rash decision or changing their mind as a result of undue pressure from their current employer.

7. Everything else

Consider us your guidepost for all things recruiting or market-related. Clients frequently call us for advice on questions that arise outside of our searches – including tricky situations with unrelated candidates or other search firms – and we welcome the opportunity to share advice or a second opinion.

4. Interview advising

During interviews, we provide feedback on behalf of candidates, flag items that could be points of potential misunderstanding, and offer advice on recruiting the candidates of your choice.

Recruiting Associates

1. Developing your search narrative

The competition is fierce for in-demand associates. We have a unique ability to break through the noise by understanding and communicating what resonates with elite candidates. At the outset, you’ll meet with a Garrison recruiter to discuss your requirements and preferences. We’ll also help you uncover the intangibles most likely to help your search stand out in a crowded market. Our approach is thorough and thoughtful, and we have years of proof that it works.


What clients are saying:

They are my go-tos for all searches but specifically my trickier searches.

Associate Director of Recruiting

AmLaw 25 firm

Simply put, Garrison is the best at what they do.

Hiring Partner

Top-tier litigation boutique

Director of Recruiting

AmLaw 50 firm

They are experts in the DC market. They take the time to meet with firm recruiters and partners to understand the firm’s practices and culture fully and precisely what firms are looking for in candidates. They also meet with their candidates, and I trust that any candidate they present to the firm has been vetted and fits our hiring criteria.

High touch. High truth. High trust.


Attorneys placed


Law firms have hired our candidates


Of our candidates stay with their new employer for at least one year


Retention rate of partners after five years (industry average is 50%)

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