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2. A candid and experienced partner

We are candid and will tell you if what you are trying to achieve with an in-house move is attainable in the current economic climate and what the impact of such a move has on your future career opportunities. We will share with you the experiences of similarly situated attorneys who have made analogous moves and how the compensation structures compare to other like-kind positions.



Kaitlyn Hunter

Nancy Palermo

Key Contacts:

1. Credibility and access

The relationships we have with our corporate clients in the DMV are longstanding and deep, and we frequently work with clients where we’ve made multiple placements. This longevity provides us with immediate credibility and excellent access. If we work with you and endorse your candidacy, this serves as independent verification of your cultural and experience fit.

5. Offer and acceptance assistance

When you receive an offer, we negotiate on your behalf when warranted. We ask our clients the difficult or awkward questions you can’t or shouldn’t ask a potential employer. We know what and whom to ask and how to uncover information that is important to you. We also help you with unanticipated issues that can arise around acceptance, counter-offers, giving notice, start dates, and the like.

3. Confidentiality

Confidentiality is an essential priority for us. We guard your reputation as we would our own. We also ensure our employer clients understand the importance of this.

6. Partners at every stage of your career

It is common at Garrison for us to work with a lawyer at different points in their in-house career. We are the perfect partner and career advisor as you advance professionally because we understand the challenges and priorities that lawyers like you have at different stages of your in-house career.

4. Presenting you in the best light

When Garrison contacts you about an in-house search, we do more than simply collect resumes and present you. We provide an extra level of personal touch and assistance that helps you put your best foot forward during the process. We have a deep understanding of what our in-house clients are seeking, and we provide expert input and advice on how to best prepare your materials to convey your experience. We also offer effective and personalized interview preparation to ensure you most effectively communicate your background, relevant skills and other intangibles for the particular position.

Kaitlyn Hunter

Nancy Palermo | Partner | Washington, DC Legal Recruiter | Garrison

Nancy Palermo

Key Contacts:

Over the past 35 years, Garrison has been a consistent leader when it comes to in-house placements in the DC, Maryland and Virginia region, and we offer access to a diverse range of opportunities at all experience levels. We work with a broad range of public and private companies (both industry leaders and start-ups) as well as non-profits and trade associations.

Benefits of Working with Our In-House Division

High touch. High truth. High trust.


In-House Placements in Washington DC, Maryland and Northern Virginia


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